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The history of the La Marchesa estate dates back to 1690 when the Marques Sauli, an ancient and powerful Genovese banker bought part of the estate and built a house on it.  In 1750, the Marchesi Sauli family were preparing for the marriage of the Marchese at the estate. This was a very important marriage for the family, but as the tale goes, their home did not match the new bride’s aspirations. As a solution, the family estate was enlarged and a fantastic villa was built in the middle of the property, aptly named “La Marchesa,” in her honor. Within the villa is a chapel dedicated to the Guardian Angels, protecting the health and souls of the local peasants, and a limonaia (Italian for “lemon house”) during the winter.

Following the end of the French Revolution and the establishment of the Congress of Vienna, an economic and trade boom made the family one of the most important in the zone. Today, La Marchesa has returned to its former glory on the same land it occupied in 1750, with the chapel and the limonaia perfectly restored and the old farmhouse converted into the Sauli Restaurant. The entire property now comprises 200 acres where no further construction is admitted. La Marchesa is a member of the Historic Houses in Italy, an Association representing the most prestigious properties in the country belonging to historic Italian families, like the present owner Giulini.

Location of Vineyard

The estate, located in the most important area of Gavi, covers 190 acres, of which 145 are planted with Cortese, Chardonnay, Merlot, Barbera and Albarossa vines. A new winery equipped with the latest in modern winemaking equipment blends perfectly with the architecture of the old villa. The old villa cellar has also been maintained in the historic home, preserving a history of winemaking tradition. La Marchesa wines are greatly influenced by two important elements: the nature of the soil (a clay-limestone mix) and the Mediterranean climate, tempered by breezes that pass the Apennine mountains.



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