Akita Prefecture sits in the heart of Japan's far northern snow country between the Sea of Japan and the Ou Mountains. The much higher Dewa Mountains run parallel through the center of the prefecture providing a picturesque landscape that is rustic, rugged and often snowcovered. 

Cherished for its natural beauty, lively festivals, handicrafts, restorative hot springs, delicious seasonal foods and sake, Akita’s economy is driven by agriculture, fishing, and forestry but remains most famous for rice farming and sake brewing. Home to over 50 breweries, Akita ranks fourth in Japan’s total sake production and is one of the country’s most important sake-producing states.

The centuries-old wisdom of sake brewing in the region is referred to as the “sannai” school of brewing. Brew masters, known as “toji,” harness the elements of the region, partnering with nature to create cold-brewed sake that is the distilled essence of the all that surrounds them. This includes what might be considered the true secret of Akita sake — incredibly pure underground soft-water. This, along with fertile soil and a dust-free production environment helps create an incredibly renowned brew. The people of Akita are so proud of their sake that they refer to their region as “bishuoukoku ” The Empire of Beautiful Sake, where premium, world-class sakes suitable for any occasion can be found.